2MW Minto Flywheel System

In December 2012, NRStor was selected by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), through a competitive RFP process to provide 2 megawatts of frequency regulation service to Ontario’s grid using Temporal Power’s innovative flywheel energy storage technology. This project is the first commercial flywheel energy storage project in Canada.

Commercial operation began in 2014.

Minto 2MW Temporal flywheel energy storage

Construction began in late 2013 and the facility was fully operational in Q2 2014. Temporal Power, manufacturer of the world’s highest power flywheels supplied 10 individual flywheel energy storage systems for the 2MW facility.

Supplier Owner Location System Operational Application
Temporal Power NRStor ON, Canada 2MW Flywheel Facility 2014 Frequency Regulation

Additional details can be found on the US Department of Energy Energy Storage Database.