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Frequency Regulation Case Studies

Ancillary services are essential to the reliable transmission of energy across electricity grids. Some services that support the regular day to day operations include frequency regulation and voltage control, which are reliant on an asset’s ability ramp quickly. NRStor’s 2MW Minto Flywheel System began delivering frequency regulation service in Q2 2014. Further details on this project can be found […]

Asset Deferral Case Studies

Energy storage solutions can defer costly investments in new generation, transmission, and distribution assets, while providing valuable services to the grid. The following project was developed by S&C Electric Company and highlights the impact of deploying a sodium sulphur battery energy storage system in a remote area of British Columbia, Canada. This asset deferred planned transmission […]

Uninterruptible Power Supply Case Studies

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems have been deployed in a variety of settings around the world to improve power quality and grid reliability. Below are several relevant case studies that highlight in service UPS systems. These projects have been developed by leading energy storage technology suppliers: Manufacturing Facilities Supplier Customer System Operational Application S&C Electric […]

Load Leveling Case Studies

Load Leveling refers to a variety of energy storage services with the ability to store energy over longer periods for use at a later time. Below are several relevant case studies that highlight in-service systems that are providing load shaping & leveling services. Some projects developed by NRStor’s technology partners S&C Electric Company and General Compression are illustrated below. Supplier […]